Are the classes progressive? Can I attend any time and not get "behind"?

The classes are not progressive. 

Each class is customized for the day. 

What should I bring and wear?

If you own a yoga mat, it's great to bring it with you,  if you want to borrow one, there are Gaiam Athletic Mats available at the studio, if you wish to purchase a mat, we have a retail selection as well. 

Props such as straps, blocks and blankets are available at the studio.

The most important thing to remember in attire, is comfort! Tank tops/tshirts and stretchy pants are the most common form of clothing worn in yoga. You will be practicing barefoot. 

How long are the classes?

Class time is one hour. 

Classes will begin on time, so it is encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to get settled. 
The door is generally locked 5-10 minutes after class begins, to prevent disruptions. 

Adhering to proper yoga etiquette is requested and appreciated.